SFTN #2: Bring Me The Horizon, “Can You Feel My Heart”

Band: Bring Me The Horizon
Song: Can You Feel My Heart
Album: Sempiternal (2013)
Genre: Metalcore
Origin: England

When I was in high school, I was a contributor to (and later the editor of) our school’s literary magazine.  During my senior year, I was basically in charge of the club, and it was my job to teach the other three members creative writing.  This didn’t always go very well since there was no age difference between us, and the class often devolved into free writing time – which could really have gone worse, all things considered, so I guess I was lucky.

Towards the beginning of the year, we each contributed three songs that represented us in some way to an iTunes playlist.  I burned CDs and gave each person a copy.  One of the songs submitted was an early Bring Me The Horizon song, “Chelsea Smile.”  It’s been on my iPhone ever since, and never fails to startle me and then make me a bit nostalgic when it comes up on shuffle.

Bring Me The Horizon belongs to the metalcore genre, along with bands like Atreyu, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!  Half thrash metal, half hardcore, metalcore lends itself to raw, emotive lyrics.  While I think BMTH is still too heavy to qualify as true “emo” music, I can definitely see the similarity in aesthetics and lyrical content.

BMTH’s early albums, like Suicide Season and Count Your Blessings, are heavy on the blast beats, downtuned guitars, and metal screaming.  Count Your Blessings even has some good death growls.  If Oli Sykes does all of the vocals, he really has impressive range.

In the song at the top of the post, Sykes has turned to strained yet clean vocals, reminiscent of Thirty Seconds to Mars.  The background guitar audible from about 1:15 to 1:30 really improves the experience of the song for me, since it prevents the electronic-sounding … thing? is that the lead guitar? from getting too repetitive.  What’s most interesting is that the lyrics don’t really rhyme, but they work anyway.  This would be less noteworthy if the song weren’t slow enough for one to actually understand the lyrics.  I think the content of the lyrics along with the emotional style of singing helps move the song.

See, you don’t have to rhyme every time you sing.


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