New Year, New Project!

Since TMI Monday and Letters from the Hedge have long since concluded (and wow, what a journey they were; I read back through some old entries last night and was amazed at how much I have matured since 2013) I decided to start a new blogging project.  It’s about music!

I made a couple of resolutions this New Year’s.  Normally I don’t follow through too well on these, but one I actually want to focus on is my resolution to listen to more music this year – and not just the same music over and over again.  I mean, how many times can you listen to Played in Space in a row, really?*

I don’t just want to listen to music I think I’ll like, either.  In 2015, this meant listening to black metal, although to be honest I enjoyed stoner rock and metal more, despite not being a stoner.  I wonder why … (Compare one of my favorite Cream songs, “Politician”, with Witch’s “Seer”.)

This is all to say that for a long time, I’ve wanted and needed a place to talk about music.  I’ve made some attempts before but have never dedicated a whole post to talking about a song or artist in-depth.  I think that blogging about what I’m listening to will force me to continue exploring new artists and genres by keeping me accountable.  (Disclaimer: I have no formal musical training so can’t get too technical in my posts, although this may change as well!)  The posts will be called “SFTN [number]” – SFTN stands for “Songs from the (Frozen) North.”  If I have to move to the Midwest U.S. I’m going to get as much fun out of teasing it as I can.

Here’s to a year of trying new things!





*The answer is fifteen.  Fifteen times.  I ended up singing “Hurricane” in my sleep.


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