Letters from the Hedge: Letter in a Book

I like to visit the secondhand bookstore, and my favorite books are the ones that come with little notes inside. Old shopping receipts. Concert tickets.

I found the nicest note today, written inside a book called (of all things) Where There Is No Dentist.  Here it is – the note, not the book – in its entirety:


This is my small way of saying thank you for a wonderful six days. I’ve enjoyed spending time with you and meeting Corinne. The two of you seem to be good together. I wish you both only love and happiness. You are very special to me. Even though we were out of touch for a few years I still felt we were connected in some way. I think maybe you felt the same way. I love you a whole lot and value your friendship very highly. I know no one like you, you’re quite a special person. I hope we will always be close, no matter how far apart we may live. Remember, I am always here if you need me, and even when you don’t!  Thanks again for everything. I love you.


May 23, 1989


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