Letters from the Hedge: October 5, 2014

I wrote a whole long post about how lonely and sad I’ve been feeling this weekend, but I deleted it because it was boring even me.  In other news:

  • I have homework in every single class this weekend, plus three extracurricular obligations that need to be done before tomorrow.  I do not foresee sleep tonight.
  • Despite all of this work, I mostly just want to cuddle up in a big furry blanket with someone, because I feel like that would help me feel like everything was okay.
  • Everything is not okay.

3 thoughts on “Letters from the Hedge: October 5, 2014”

  1. Aww Amber I’m sorry! 😦 I hope you feel better now and I’m excited for the stuff you have planned for culturals! Let’s hang out during the break?? Even just studying 😉

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