Great Animation and Sneakers

All good opponents, speak! Hold or are you always!

The war with Mexico the economic plan

Saint alphabet schedule row 4 Arnold

Bad Communication jobs in Houston

Here! The birth of a person, the face of fame

who diets without exercising

a person standing at the edge of a seaside

God is the Messiah born

God is not dead          God is love      God is

Let yourself be the source of every blessing power and gas

[Sound of the crowd]

I look stupid when I run, when I smile

Still cessation in a sentence

Eternal happiness or unhappiness

happiness is a warm gun


Even the earth will be destroyed and the surrender of the universe


Warning! The Herald Angels Sing!


He woke me up again

            woke up dizzy

I want to be a good

            I want to be a good man         a good person        a good mom

Another strength SUFFERED Waals Interlude

            a fatal communication error

Justice provides death

            god provides justice law provides justice


Listen again to part of the chain, because I do not think I heard

Listen string part again, because I do not think they have heard all the way …


Hurry up to see the baby

            hurry up with my damn croissants

Invader eve traffic

            every invader zim episode

Linear film with surprising third intersection

            linear regression

Traffic patterns V emerging self-organization

            emerging markets       emerging technologies           emerging adulthood

Swing, to name a few

            swing low sweet chariot

Springfield, or Bobby got caught in her hair


Black Hawk War, or, always feel good about yourself in the morning, or, we apologize for the inconvenience but you are going to leave now, or,


The dress is beautiful on you

            Beautiful creatures, beautiful lyrics, beautiful pain lyrics

Bigger man, wide shoulders, man of steel


They also mourn who do not wear black.[1]

[1] Poem text retrieved by translating an alphabetical list of Sufjan Stevens’ song titles from English to Hebrew to French and back to English.  Italicized portions retrieved from Google search results for words or phrases from the translated titles.  Title retrieved from the song title “Out of Egypt, Into the Great Laugh of Mankind, And I Shake the Dirt from my Sandals as I Run” after it was run through