Quotes from my professors

Social psych:

Was it just me or was today awesome?  Thank you for participating and being engaged and generally being terrific.  If you can keep your energy and enthusiasm up for this class, like you did today, then we are going to have so much fun and learn so much. 

I can hardly wait for Friday. 


What I’m going to do is rub this teflon rod with this cat pelt. Unfortunately, this means one animal did die for the sake of Physics 102. It was an ugly cat, though, so nobody really cared.


The best Christmas cookies are made with lard.  Not that you really want to think about lard while you’re eating them, but it does make them all nice and flaky.


So you’re probably asking yourself, “Does this mean they were all high?”  The answer is yes.  They were flying.  Not metaphorically, either.  Literally.  They were flying.


There is a place in this class for anything you are interested in.  Science, photography, animals – anything.  This is a class where you can really push the limits of poetry and achieve incredible results.

It’s going to be a good semester.