Obligatory Night-Before-School Post

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I did one of my long, rambling personal posts.  Did you miss me?  😉

Well, I can’t believe it’s time for my sixth semester of college.  It seems like just yesterday that I first set foot on this campus.

(Actually, it doesn’t really.  That was almost five years ago, after all.)

I’m excited and nervous about this semester. Excited because my classes sound really fun and nervous because they also sound difficult.  Excited because there are new opportunities to audition for plays and nervous because I need to learn to interact with people again.  Sitting quietly at home for a month has made me both wary of people and anxious for someone, anyone, to talk to that isn’t either related to me or a cat.

I’m very happy because of my friend, who is returning to Rice this semester.  Although our personal and academic lives are taking us in widely divergent directions, I hope that we will still get a chance to meet up sometime in the future.  In any case, they’re physically closer now, and that makes me happy.  I have friends enough, but good friends are hard to come by.

In school, I’m jumping heavily into the humanities and social sciences this semester with nine hours’ worth of non-scientific pursuits.  Ever since I began thinking about attending grad school outside the beaten track that my major generally leads to (i.e. medical school) I’ve been more free about exploring my areas of interest in English, psychology, and other areas.  It’s taken nearly 21 years but I think I’ve finally found one of the many keys to happiness – to do what I like (within reason, of course.)  Life is too short to follow a path someone else has chosen for me.

In any case, it’s going to be a really tough semester, but hopefully as as full of new, positive experiences as last semester was.  I have five classes tomorrow and I have no room in my heart for anything but excitement!