TMIM: End-Of-Semester Edition

Dear all the lonely (and not-so-lonely) people.

Okay, so I’ve been a bit lax about updating TMIM lately.  But can you blame me?  I had a total of six hours of finals yesterday, and I have a seven-page paper to finish by Wednesday afternoon (which is surprisingly difficult for a STEM major.)  Yes, I’ve already written four pages, but you’d be surprised how much more … interesting the Internet gets when your only choices are between finishing an essay and browsing its many pages.  Never mind that I’m going to have all of winter break to do nothing but play on the Internet!  My social networks and funny blogs demand I check them now!  RIGHT NOW.

However, if I manage to get the paper done tomorrow, maybe I’ll treat myself to a museum visit on Wednesday before I leave for the cold northern climes of central Texas.  It is so difficult to sneak away and visit a museum all by myself during the school year (in fact it’s very hard to get any time by myself during the school year) and I think the best way to browse a museum is alone.  


Anyway, it’s really weird to think that the semester is already over and that I’ve made it to the halfway mark of this mad dash through science.  A friend of mine is studying abroad this semester, and while when I first learned about it last summer I couldn’t imagine so many months without them, I knew that if I worked hard and stayed busy the time would fly by quickly.  And it proved to be so.

I’m not sure if I will continue TMIM through break or through next semester.  I think I will revert this blog to its original purpose of creative writing and quotes, pictures, and songs that would annoy my Facebook friends and are too special to be lot in the shuffle of Tumblr.  Perhaps I will embark on a new writing challenge.  I hear 750 Words is supposed to be fun, or maybe I’ll do the automatic writing thing and let the Interwebs see the workings of my innermost self.

Whoooo knows?  Sorry not sorry.

Whatever happens, I look forward to the future with unwavering hope and excitement.  As much as I can’t wait to go home and see my family, I also can’t wait to begin a new semester full of biochemistry, physics, and psychology (PLOT TWIST.)  I hope your holiday season, dear reader, is restful and happy as well.

Looking into the sallyport