A Short List of Things I Accomplished This Semester

  1. Auditioned for three plays and got a part in one
  2. Had to sing for an audition (I got the part)
  3. Learned a song-and-dance routine (minus the singing part, because my voice isn’t trained) and performed it to perfection four times in front of large crowds
  4. Caregave for five hours at one of the largest college parties in the country
  5. Made it through Classical Mechanics
  6. Completed my first upper-level biochemistry lab, also marking my ninetieth hour in biochem labs
  7. Taught two successful cooking classes
  8. Learned to cook stir fry, pumpkin bread, bread pudding, stewed carrots and apples, butter bean soup, and tortillas
  9. Completed my fourth upper-level poetry course
  10. Submitted nine poems to the literary magazine
  11. Learned all about glycolysis and the TCA cycle in Biochemistry I
  12. Moved to a new floor in my dorm and actually felt more at home, despite initial misgivings, than I did on my old floor
  13. Sought and received appropriate treatment for health problems
  14. Attended my first water communion
  15. Donated plasma for the first time
  16. Attended, and completed, the annual Walk for PKD for the first time
  17. Scored over 100% on a midterm for the first time in my college career
  18. Celebrated Thanksgiving on my own for the first time
  19. Made new friendships and strengthened old ones
  20. Survived!

Happy end-of-the-semester to everyone else in school!