TMIM: Snack Food Version

Dear readers,

Please ignore the fact that it is Tuesday.  Tuesday night to be exact.  IT’S BEEN LESS THAN 24 HOURS SINCE MONDAY ENDED, OKAY.


My significant other-other arrived from out of state on Friday night to celebrate homecoming with me.  We were the most attractive couple at the homecoming dance.  Everyone said so.  (Well, I said so.  So that counts.)

Sunday night, while he was still here, gosh darn it, I basically pulled an all-nighter finishing a research paper.  I’m still not sure it’s up to par, but at least it’s done.  And I suddenly had a lull today.  Literally nothing going on academically/socially speaking.  Tonight I have a meeting with the student government, and tomorrow is auditions for Romeo and Juliet!  You’d think I would know better after my exhausting brush with theatre earlier this semester, but nope.

File:Juliet JWW.jpg

This could be me this spring!  Ha ha, no.

In any case I also have a meeting on Thursday with the good people at SPLASH, a program which lets college students teach whatever their hearts desire to local high schoolers on one glorious spring Saturday.  Last year I taught two courses: one about hemorrhagic fevers and one about poetry.  My two greatest loves!  You think I’m kidding.

Anyway I’d really like to teach those courses again, but I know I am not the best teacher and in fact I think I may have bored the poor things.  Oh well, at least I got a free T-shirt out of it.

Need free labor?  Just advertise that you’re handing out a bunch of old t-shirts and you’ll have more college students than you know what to do with.

It turns out that my dorm room is getting upgraded next semester to a suite, which means a couple square inches extra room and private bathroom.  HALLELUJAH.

Also, does anyone know what freaking happens in Bleak House?  I have absolutely no idea.  Well, I know a little bit but definitely not as much as I should, it being a classic literary work and all.  I feel like my tolerance for non-scientific literature has decreased somewhat …

Well, off to the meeting!  You all have a good week now, you hear?

And here’s a beautiful picture of sushi so you all can suffer as much as I am.  I love this stuff and want some now.  Right now.  AHEM, PERSONAL SERVANT???