Final Stretch

The world needed a blanket and couldn’t pick up
the entire spectrum of daylight savings, the stray
stars on the cutting room floor. The world went dark
and cold. Thank God that no one was trying
to break someone’s heart, since hearts are
particularly fragile during the winter, lacking
excess vitamin D. We are all a tiny bit bitter about
physics. If you don’t dare return to a particular
study, then we could work together, and could you
sing it home? Shadows rise from the windswept field.
We can only look at what should be and hold on
to the warmth of what was. We are survivors
at the top of a double whammy of advancing science,
and that’s amazing. Waking up early at
the longest day’s end, and it will take 3.5 days
to get home.

Take a big ol’ somethingteen running
desperately towards you, Sister Winter.