TMIM: Notes from The Front Lines (Relatively Speaking) Version

Dear fellow explorers.


Okay, now that I have sufficiently expressed that.

Last week was hell.  Actually hell.  I didn’t get any good sleep for days, and none this weekend either, since the play took up Saturday night and strike was Sunday.  I am tired of social commitments and I think if Midsummer had run just one more night I would have broken up altogether.

However, I’m not sad I did it.  The people I met through MND are some of the funniest, kindest, most welcoming I’ve ever had the pleasure to get acquainted with.

This week is the physics midterm and all of my motivation for studying is completely gone.  I just want to relax for an entire day with a glass of Coke and a stupid movie or game to occupy my mind, but that just isn’t going to happen especially since I have a research paper due next Monday (right after homecoming, thanks, professor) and I’ve been avoiding picking up my graded drafts.  The word “graded” starts me on a panic attack now.  Which is another thing I need to visit the doctor to discuss.

Fortunately, after Monday it’s pretty clear sailing until Thanksgiving, academically speaking.  Of course, I still have to meet with the cafeteria chefs and devise a cooking class for Thanksgiving … which, by the way, I will be spending here at school for the first time ever.  Three different groups of people have asked me to spend Thanksgiving with them and, honestly?  I really just want to spend it alone, at this point.  That would be heaven.  But nope, can’t tell them that, because social obligations.


I need to start putting my own wants/needs first every so often.  That’s all.

I already learned the hard way that neglecting my physical/emotional health in favor of grades is a really, really, REALLY bad idea.  Really bad.  Seriously, if you are reading this and you’re not in college yet, please don’t ever think your grades matter more than your physical and mental integrity because they most certainly do not.

Anyway, it’s probably time to get working on physics.  Wish me luck on the test on Thursday and especially on finishing up my research paper (and on not having a panic attack and dying before I pick up the drafts.)  Fortunately my SO is flying in for the homecoming dance, so I will at least have that to look forward to 🙂

Love always.