TMIM: Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be!


It’s here!  It’s finally, finally here!  After what feels like years of preparation, opening night for Midsummer Night’s Dream is on Wednesday!  I also have a biochem midterm on Friday morning, which is what I’m currently cramming for.

On Saturday we worked on our makeup and hair.  My headpiece is also almost done, so I tried that on.  Unfortunately the rest of my costume wasn’t done yet, and everyone else had similar problems, so we ended up looking like this:

We look like an indie rock band.

On one hand, I’m going to be very happy to have this over with, just for the sake of those extra 15 hours a week, but on the other hand, I’ve met some really great people that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have, and not getting to see them every day is going to be sad.

Additionally, this happened today:


A 102% on a midterm never happens for me, so this was a huge ego booster, and has inspired me to work even harder in my other classes!  NOTHING WILL STAND BETWEEN ME AND … I was going to say this Sunday, but then I have to start studying for Physics.  It just never ends, does it?

Is this making anyone else feel better?  Because it’s making me feel better.

The only thing getting me down so far this week is that I misplaced my medicine – a very vital medicine, to be sure, and one whose lack I will soon begin to feel.  Of course, I am too busy to refill the prescription, so it will also have to wait until Saturday sometime, or maybe Sunday.  Wish me luck, and happy post-Halloween to you all!

You know what the end of Halloween means?  It means I can enjoy pictures like these once again!  Happy almost Christmas!