TMIM: What A Wonderful World Edition

Dear friends and people who have the capacity to become my friends,

This week.  Was.  Awesome.  (And cray.)

Let me start out backwards this time: I am currently sitting outside enjoying a fine Southern sunset.  The air is cool, the bugs are mostly dead, and everything smells of big old healthy oak trees.  We will be rehearsing outside all this week.  Not that I mind; quite the opposite, in fact.

Check it out, yo.  Courtesy of the Rice U VADA department.

Yesterday I traipsed blithely to Target and bought myself $30 worth of costume goodies, which might not seem like much but to a starving artist is a sad, sad amount.  

(And yes, I make art, and I’m hungry a lot, so I do in fact qualify as a starving artist.)

Anyway, it’ll all be worth it to go trick or treating fr the first time in many years.  The houses around campus are very wealthy and used to 20-somethings materializing at their door asking for candy, so it’ll all be good.  Plus, since my friends and I are all female, it doesn’t *exactly* carry the same creepy connotations that a bunch of college-aged dudes going trick-or-treating would.

And Saturday.  Oh, Saturday was the Night of Decadence, and I did caregiving at the party.  It was crazy, fun, and exhausting, and I’m definitely doing it again next year.  I would’ve taken pictures, but cameras were banned for everyone, for obvious reasons (don’t want those drunken naked girls getting exploited,)

All the weekdays were a haze of mountains of work and a lot of sleepless nights, and I don’t expect anything different this week, except for Halloween and Night of the Naked.  Wish me luck with the last full week of rehearsals!

Also, I think I’m going to buy a pizza after rehearsal is over.  Yes, I’m running out of money, but I’m starving and it’s worth it.

I would die for you.  And probably die because of you.