TMIM: Some Vast Something Edition

Dear moving works of biochemical art,

The semester’s getting serious now.  I just had a midterm this morning, immediately following one on Friday.  I think the next one will be in a week, or maybe two.  Anyway, there’s a lot of studying and testing going on over here, is what I’m trying to say.

I also have five rehearsals this week, one every night.  Also something on Saturday that I’m not entirely sure about.  The only thing I know is that it will be long.  I’m also pretty sure I’m losing weight – or is it just wishful thinking?  I don’t have time to eat very much anymore, and when I do go to the cafeteria my stomach is always so shrunken that just the smell of food makes me sick.  Unfortunately I’m low on money to buy my own food, so the only other option is just to not eat.

am going to end up looking like her in a few weeks.  Probably.

Anyway, Saturday was the Walk for PKD.  My roommate, bless her soul, went as well – for the second time.  If I hadn’t been so sick last year I could have gone too … and if I hadn’t hurt my foot freshman year I would have gone then as well … but there’s no use worrying about the past.  I plan to stay in Houston for a long time to come, so there will be plenty more chances to do the walk.  I was also surprised at how easy it was.  Two miles tops, and since I walk upwards of three miles a day, it was actually very relaxing.

One of the benefits about this involuntary diet/exercise regime is that I feel better about my appearance … a little bit, anyway.

Speaking of appearance, I got my dress for the semiformal yesterday!  Well, I ordered it online.  I decided not to ask anyone, even though I really want to.  I can have just as much fun on my own, maybe more if I don’t have to worry about a date 😉  The single life (even though I’m not really single, it’s just that my SO is so far away) suits me quite well.

I’ve felt a lot of inspiration to write and draw lately and really very little to do physics.  Fortunately physics and biochem both involve a lot of drawing … a lot.  Maybe it’s all the English I’ve been doing that has reawakened my creative side?

Today at breakfast we were discussing MSG and how it’s not bad for you like people say, and I recognized it, first as monosodium glutamate, then as an analog of glutamic acid, the structure which I can draw off the top of my head and the abbreviations which I can recite in my sleep.  Glu, E.  It’s really cool when the things you’ve been learning in class expand and you can interact with them in your everyday life.

Anyway, it’s time for me to go to my poetry class.  That’s a really good class, too, although I doubt that any of the other poets we will have to read can top Dean Young.  His work is absolutely stellar.

And there’s this picture of him, which is just endearing.

Yours always,

A very sleepy, hungry, and inspired Amber