TMIM: Fall Break Edition

Dear students, teachers, astronauts, champions, and assorted truth seekers,

My university is currently on fall break.  “Break” – what a cruel lie that is.  I have more work than ever and, because I just completed two hellacious weeks of work, less motivation than ever.  The one bright spot in this weekend so far was dinner on Saturday night.  We made an excursion to my favorite sushi restaurant where I had my favorite roll in the entire world, the Tiger Eye, which has smoked salmon, cream cheese, and jalapeno.  (I am pretty much of a vegetarian but some things are just too delicious to resist.)

I found this image on Google but that is pretty much what it looked like.

Tomorrow we’re going tubing on a river southwest of here.  If I get enough work done today I hopefully won’t have too much to do tomorrow after I get home, since I know I will be exhausted.  And maybe sunburned.

I hurt my foot sometime this week, although I can’t pinpoint exactly when.  Unfortunately, besides tubing, I have three rehearsals a week now-a-days, and the charity walk is next Saturday.  Freshman year I had hurt my foot as well and sophomore year I was too busy being depressed to be interested in walking anywhere.  I want to do the walk at least once before I graduate .. 😦  I feel embarrassed, just going to the doctor for a minor foot injury, but I really have no idea what else to do.

Argh, it’s just so hard to do work during a break!  I remember last year was the 100th anniversary of my school.  Some friends and I got up real early and went to the Menil Collection.  It was one of the few bright spots from last fall.  Unfortunately we got stuck at the Rothko Chapel and by the time we got out it was lunch time, so I went home.

It’s more interesting than it looks.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about emotions this week, mostly because I was more emotional than usual.  A couple of panic attacks just wiped all the energy out of me.  But I’m still here!  I will pretty much always be here.  Like I said, I am very good at waiting.

I guess it’s time for me to try to do some more work.  My tummy is full of yogurt and egg rolls and my mind is full of poetry, but biochem takes precedence, as always.

And now that I’ve sufficiently confused my readers with vaguely inspirational/metaphysical/maybe-maybe-not depressing crap, have a wonderful week!

It’s best if I don’t dream at all, 
it’s best if I expect nothing from anyone else, 
and especially not from your eyes, 
which are the color of some sort of celestial body, 
a star perhaps, the kind of stars I would have 
drawn in elementary school, blue and white. 
Pluto was my favorite planet back then. 

I think a lot about the scale of the universe 
and how it’s so large that we will never 
be able to see all of it. 
Sometimes I wish I were frozen 
in a spaceship and 
I could drift through space for 
billions of years until I came across 
an alien race with the knowledge 
and curiosity to defrost me. 

I’m sure such travelers are out there now. 

They could drift in space for eternity and 
no one would ever find them. 
Russian cosmonauts. 
Space debris left over from the sixties. 
Green corduroy peacoats and girls 
with eyes that are colors I can’t describe with words. 
Broken micropipettors. 

Make sure to write down the serial numbers, you never know when you will need them.