TMIM: The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades

Dear people (I assume),

After the week from hell last week, I’ve got another this week!  I’m so very lucky.  No midterms, thank goodness, just two papers, three rehearsals, pledge problems, and my killer lab.  I celebrated my one-week “anniversary” with bronchitis on Friday, so a lot of my energy has been dedicated to coughing and breathing through the pain.

On a happier note, I went to my first symphony orchestra on Saturday!  I dragged my feet a little about going because I was so very tired, but I’m glad I did go, because look at this:

Our music school is really awesome.

As always, music has been one of the things that is getting me through these hard times.  Jamie Cullum’s cover of “Don’t Stop the Music” is probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard, and of course, there’s the song I cribbed the title of this post from.  Finally got around to listening to it and it’s (un?fortunately) nothing like what you would expect from the title.

Yesterday I went for my usual quiet walk after dinner, enjoying the changing weather.  My roommate accompanied me and on the way back we met our friend and visited the campus chapel, which is absolutely beautiful.

We hung out there for a good while talking about religion, and it got me to thinking about Catholicism, the religion in which I was raised.  The older I get the more I can appreciate the Roman Catholic mass and religion for its sheer beauty.  Maybe I’ll go to that church this Sunday.  You never know with me 😀

My friend and I were talking about auras which, although there is no scientific proof that they exist (and, in fact, quite a lot of proof that they don’t) is still a fun thing to talk about and play with, kind of like horoscopes.  I can “see” some people’s auras, but only when they are very strong.  I read a friend of mine’s aura last year without realizing it.  It was only when I was trying to describe him to someone else and ended up saying something like, “He just … kind of … glows, ya know, man?” that I had to stop and think.

Anyway, my laptop is about out of battery life, and besides I have to go to class.  Midterm break is coming up, maybe the next entry will be somewhat more relaxed!