TMIM: In Defense of the (17?!) Hour Semester

Dear lovely little lab rats,

I am writing this during a lull in my biochem lab.  Things are definitely picking up around here, as is evidenced by the fact that I didn’t have a chance to write this this morning!  However, all of my classes are still really fun, so there’s that.

Yesterday was my very first 14-hour day.  I had five classes, two hours of physics work, and three hours of rehearsal (a readthrough, really, at this point, and I’m ridiculously excited because I have three lines instead of the one that I thought.)  I got a sneak peek at my costume and it’s incredible.  I would like to wear that dress in public, depending on the material it’s made out of!

Last weekend was Screw-Yer-Roommate.  If you don’t know what that is, here’s a quick summary: you find a date for your roommate, but instead of contacting them, you contact their roommate, and the two of you create a crazy costume set for your roommates.  Then you put them, along with about 500 other people, in a room, and let them find each other based on their costume.  It was crazy and fun and difficult.  My date was the second guy from CRU I’ve been set up with in two years.  And the second guy who goes two-stepping (steppin’?)  Should I attempt to learn two-stepping?  These are the questions I must ponder.

Also, Saturday was the ’80’s themed party, one of the biggest parties every year.  I had this fabulous rainbow dress.  Literally.  Fabulous.  My friend pointed out that I looked like I was going to a Pride party, so I went ahead and put on my Q+A button.  No guys hit on me (although several stared.)  Success?

I did a test-run of the recipe I’m going to teach this weekend.  It turned out REALLY good.  I’m excited to eat – I mean, teach it 😉

And finally, since this seems to be the most important thing every week, another committee had a chocolate tasting on Sunday night.  Did I take pictures?  But of course.

The Culturals had a classy AF chocolate tasting tonight!  Food lovers from all over Brown rejoiced.  :D

On that sweet note, I must end.  It’s time to pull off the SDS-PAGE gel we’ve been running (my favorite lab procedure thus far!)

With love always,