TMIM: Hello Hell Week Version

Dear humans and things shaped like humans,

I am writing to you with a backpack full of physics and biochem goodies, whole-milk mocha by my side, waiting for the heavy rain to subside just a little so I can walk to my next class.  I don’t know if wishing will help change the weather, but there is no harm in trying.  I’m stuck half a mile away from class.  I am carrying a $700 computer.  I have no umbrella.  You do the math.

This was the first Google Images result for “math.”  Don’t believe I ever took this particular branch of the discipline.

I have already conquered four hours of class – there are six left to go.  One ~actual~ class, two hours of physics work (hopefully it won’t take that long, but nevertheless, since it is supposed to be practice for the midterms, I had to set aside a two-hour solid block in the library) and three hours of rehearsals.  Tomorrow should be relatively easy – I just have a five hour lab – Wednesday I have a big ol’ midterm that is my main concern this week, Thursday I have no classes but have to play catchup with the work I will have been neglecting in favor of studying for the midterm, and Friday is another ten-hour day, four classes with a three-hour lab and a three-hour rehearsal block.

Like this, except for with academics.  Also I’m a girl.

Yesterday I cooked tamales for my floor.  Actually, I reheated them, but it was pretty cool anyway.  I put a pot of water in the oven with them to create steam so they wouldn’t dry out too much.  It was epic.

Also … also!  This!  Is!  The!  Best!  Part!


Look at its deliciousness.  Revel in its beauty.

It was (one of) my best friend’s birthday yesterday!  Slowly but surely we are all getting older.  And you know, that isn’t such a bad thing since we are all still young 😛

Saturday night I went to my first paint party.  I’ve always wanted to go to a color run but I don’t have the physical ability to, you know, actually run … but going to this party helped me to get the beautiful paint-enhanced complexion I have always wanted.

Bonus: that shirt was from when I donated my first round of plasma a couple of weeks ago!  Isn’t life awesome?

(Correct answer: yes, yes it is.)

Anyway, it looks like the rain has let up, so I will try to run to my class before it starts up again.  Wish me all of the luck in memorizing all the amino acids before Wednesday morning.  Especially tryptophan.  Damn you tryptophan.

File:L-Tryptophan - L-Tryptophan.svg

I liked you better when you were just a thing to be found in turkey.