TMI Monday: The What Are You Talking About, Of Course It’s Still Monday Version

Dear all the young dudes (I don’t like that song but its title makes me cackle),

This week I went up to 17 hours, as I turned in my special registration form for theatre.  The most I have ever taken at once before was 15 hours.  I’m glad that I’m in fairly good health and that I have a lot more support than I did previously.

Yesterday was INSANE.  On top of my usual five classes, I also had a meeting at the music school (this whole thing is endlessly amusing to me, since I am seemingly one of the few people I know who doesn’t have any musical training) and then, on the way home, had to stop by the library for a couple of hours to do some homework.  I closed out the day with two episodes of HIMYM and then it was time for more homework before bed.

And of course, on Sunday night I stayed up until past 2 A.M. after having spent 8 hours in the library that day.

Even Barney thinks I’m a badbutt.

This morning, because I don’t have any classes on Tuesday except that hellacious lab (which I am, for the first time, not looking forward to, because I am exhausted) I ate breakfast upstairs, watched some TV, and did the ever present homework.  Now that I’ve gotten most of the immediately pressing assignments done, I feel a little more relaxed.  But only a little.

Also I got a sunglasses emoji for getting an extra credit question right!  It makes me feel like I’m back in elementary school and getting those sparkly star stickers on my assignments.

I’m sorry, by the way, that that creepy picture isn’t smaller.  Either WordPress or my computer is acting up and not letting me adjust the properties.  I hope the emoji doesn’t give you nightmares.

Anyways, don’t worry about my not being able to post on Mondays sometimes.  I promise I will continue to use my blog all throughout the year 😉

This weekend, a friend of mine visited from up north.  He is taking a medical leave this semester but hopes to be back home (I call my university “home,” of course) in the spring.  He’s also taking a couple of classes long-distance via Skype, apparently.  Isn’t technology cool?

This week is going to be pretty busy, but I think the worst part is over.  This is probably the least coherent post so far – maybe I’ll come back on Thursday (did I mention my lab got switched from Thursday night to Friday afternoon?  I can’t decide if that is good or bad) and clean it up a little.  Love love!