TMI Monday (a little late): In Defense of the 14-Hour Semester

Dear friends/enemies/aliens,


On Saturday, I moved back into my dorm.  My muscles are only now healing from carrying all my stuff up without benefit of a dolly or cart.  Why do I have so many things?  I guess that’s another FWP for my ever-growing list.

The first day of classes was yesterday.  I took advantage of a few-minutes gap in my very busy schedule to run to the bookstore and purchase a lab notebook and a poetry book, which cost $15 each.  Oh, and I had to buy an umbrella too.  Living in the South without an umbrella is not advisable.  I do not have enough money to buy my other English books right now.  In fact, I don’t have enough money for anything, except maybe gum.  I was feeling kind of bummed about that until the guy ahead of me in the line bought $700 worth of books, one of which was a Micro textbook.  I do not envy him at all.  Well, I kind of envy his being able to drop $700 like it ain’t no thing.  But in this economy, it was probably a thing for someone.

Okay, enough talking about money.  I’m starting to get depressed again.

Anyway, all of my classes are pretty darn cool.  I know this because I just had all five of them in one day.  My roommate invited me to the gym yesterday afternoon and I had to tell her no – I had already walked the entire length of campus at least twice.  How do I do this?  I forgot from last year.  And my muscles forgot too.  My calves are still hurting.

I have my first five-hour lab today.  I think the bio lab I took freshman year was only 4 hours.  “Only four hours?!” I can hear some of you say.  Haha.  I kind of miss my few labs in high school, where I had to cram things like dissecting a rat into 55 minutes.  This semester we are performing experiments on murine ADA, or in simpler terms, mousey enzymes.  I’m okay with that as long as we don’t have to kill mice.  My friend says that you can gather as much tissue as you need for such labs just by chopping off the tails of mice – I wonder if that’s true?

Don’t kill me, Mummy!

As you can tell, I really love mice.  Rats too, but mice are smaller and therefore more adorable.  

I spent a really, really long time on a wimpy 5-point prelab quiz last night and this morning.  It’s not the points in your class, it’s the class in your points.  Or something.  That sounded better in my head, but the goal is to learn as much as possible about everything.  I am pretty sure that’s the goal in all areas of my life at the moment.  I used to think a good goal was to help people, but the effective altruism movement has convinced me that volunteering and philanthropy aren’t suitable pursuits for dumb people such as myself.  (Maybe it’s because the first EA I ever met was also the only Ivy Leaguer I’ve ever met.  I don’t know.)

By the way, the view from my new room is spectacular.  I can get inspiration just from looking out the window.

Although my life on 8th feels rather like exile, there’s always the view, which is spectacular.

And I’ll need a lot of it this year.  I am not too worried about the difficulty level of my classes, despite four out of five of them being upper-level (and the only 101-level course is Physics, ew.)  There’s just so much work to be done, and all of it only counts for 14 hours!  But as I tell my friends who are taking 16, 17, and even 20 hours, 6 of those hours are hard sciences (hard in the philosophical sense, not the difficulty sense, although that too, probably) and that darn 5-hour lab only counts for two credit hours.  It harshes my mellow.

Here at the dorm, there are so many new people to meet!  And my auditions are, I hope, tomorrow.  I don’t have much hope of being considered for a part because my previous acting experience is so limited, but there is no harm in trying.  🙂  College is for trying things that you’ve never done before, or things that you have done before but weren’t any good, or didn’t have the time or money to continue to pursue them.  

Anyway, I have a lot of reading to do before lunch, so I guess this will be the end of this week’s bulletin from the front.  My thoughts are going in fifty directions at once – can you tell?